How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ?


how to restart iPhone

Apple invented the iPhone, iPad and many other smaller devices to help the common people communicate smartly and do more than dial a number and receive a call. Apple latest edition is the iPhone X iPhone 8. iPhone 8 Plus. The company has added the latest Apple processor and chipset that describes the beginning of the future technology in these devices.

The future technology of Apple has changed the traditional controls from the phone, and many new users don’t know about the latest features, which is the difficult part. No one can use the device at full capacity, and we are going to show you how you can Reset or Restart your iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

How To Restart iPhone X?

iPhone X is the latest edition of Apple Inc, and the market has taken over by the iPhone X. No one can deny that the display concept stolen by Chinese manufacturers is the proof that the concept has worked. Every manufacturer is launching iPhone X display Android smartphones.

But, the new iPhone X comes with new controls as well. You no longer need a home button to put your phone into DFU mode or Recovery mode. The Apple found a way to put the iPhone X into DFU mode and restart as well.

Allow us to show you how you can restart your phone in a few clicks without messing up.

Note: Apple is now calling the “sleep/wake” button a little differently, and they are calling it “side button.”

Step 1: You have to press the Volume Up Button > Volume Down Button > Side button. You have to press on Volume Up Button, then release it to press the Volume Down Button, and keep holding it. Then you have to press the side button and keep holding it.

Step 2: You have to release the volumes buttons, but make sure to hold the sleep/wake button until the iPhone screen goes black.

Step 3: Once the iPhone screen goes black, then you have to release the side button or sleep/wake button.

The iPhone X or iPhone 8-series will realize that your iPhone has force restarted and it will boot the iPhone back to normal.

So now your mind has clear that question that how to restart iPhone with following simple steps which show in the article.

How To Restart iPhone 6 & 7?

iPhone 7-series controls haven’t changed, and you can force restart your iPhone 7 without any issues. Unlike the iPhone X and iPhone 8th series, and there isn’t much in iPhone 7 when it comes to forcing restart it.

Step 1: First, hold the volume down button.

iPhone 7 Force Restart

Step 2: You have to hold the “side button” or “sleep/wake button.”

how to restart Iphon 6

Step 3: The iPhone 7 & 6 will begin to restart, and your phone screen goes black.

Iphon 6 restart

Step 4: The smartphone will begin to boot, and the iPhone logo will appear on your screen.

How to Restart Iphone

The downside of the technique is that your volume will go down to zero, and you have to turn up the volume.

How To Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC?

Apple decided to launch iTunes so they can help the consumers to connect their device to the PC and take full control of the device. Those who don’t know that iTunes isn’t the only software they have launched for Windows, Mac PC’s and Linux PC’s. The Apple also launched iCloud software for Mac and Windows, so you can transfer the data from iPhone to PC without compromising the security.

What is iCloud?

Apple does not want their consumers to be dependent on the third party cloud storage, so they launched iCloud that enables you to transfer files on your iPhone or an iPad to cloud storage that you can access anytime. Apple hired the best security engineers, so they can create a great security barrier that no one can break it.

iCloud for Windows and Mac software is a desktop suite that helps you to connect your device to the computer and transfer data from Apple cloud storage to your PC in a few clicks without compromising the security.


  • You need an active Internet connection on the computer and smartphone. The better internet speed you have, the faster the process is going to proceed.
  • An iCloud account and you can use your iTunes or App store account to login.
  • Make sure your iCloud account has free space because free accounts have limited storage.
  • You can use a Windows computer and a Mac computer. The good part is that iCloud software works smoothly on the older machines as well.
  • You need to download the iCloud for Windows and iCloud for Mac.
  • In case, you don’t remember Apple app store credentials; then you better reset the password because you don’t want to lock down your account. Apple iCloud will lock down your account when you type the password wrong a couple of times. To reset the password, then give it a try.

How does it work?

First, upload the files to an iCloud account from your smartphone, and you need an active internet connection.

Step 1: You can go to the download page of the iCloud computer software from the cloud for Windows and iCloud for Mac here.

Download Icloud Software
Step 2: Now, download the software from the official page.

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 1

Step 3: You have to install on your PC, and you don’t need special instructions to install it.

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 2

Step 4: Launch the iCloud software, and you have to provide your iCloud login credentials to process and hit sign in to log in to your account. You can use your Apple app store credentials for the iCloud software login.

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 3

Step 5: You are redirected to the dashboard of the Apple iCloud program.

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 4

Step 6: You have to look for the “Photos Icon” and click on the “options” to proceed.

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 5

Step 7: Now, you have to click on the “iCloud Photo Library” then click on done.

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 6

Step 8: You have to on “apply” to complete the process, and it will save the files in the folder destination you have selected or the default destination.

You can apply the same method to Dropbox. Yes, you can use the Dropbox cloud storage account to transfer files better iPhone to PC, and the process is the same. The good part is that Dropbox offers 2GB free cloud storage data for new users.

How To Reset iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 launched in 2016, and it is a good phone to this date. iPhone 7 runs on the latest iOS 11, and it is a powerful device that can run pretty much any game available on the app store. But, Apple phones have a reputation of slowing down after a few months of the usage.

I mean it’s not just Apple that slows down, and the same thing happens with an Android phone as well. Yes, you read it right that Android phones also slow down. The Apple iPhone saves a lot of junk in the iOS installed partition making the device run slower compared to others.

You can reset your iPhone 7 and use it as a new device. The factory reset option is one of the epic features I have seen in a mobile device because it helps to fix many problems for heavy users like us. I reset my device once in three months or six months maximum because it helps my device to get rid of the junk at once and I don’t have to worry about slowing down either.

Yes, you can reset your iPhone 7 iOS 11, and use it as a new device at full speed without lagging down or minimal performance.


  • You have to charge your iPhone 7 to 100% because you are going to need it. The factory reset process takes a lot of time. It utilizes the iPhone processor and RAM at 100%, so you have to keep battery charge to at least 90%, so charge it first, then proceed.
  • Make sure to back up files like Photos, Music, and Videos. It is important that you back up the files including the contacts because the factory reset will remove all files. You cannot recover any file after a factory reset, so make sure to back up files like contacts, photos, and more.
  • Back up the data from Whatsapp or else, you will lose the data. You can use the iCloud to back up Whatsapp texts, videos, and files.
  • You need an active Internet connection, country SIM, and iCloud login details to activate the iPhone. Remember, if your iCloud account is activated and you don’t have credentials to remove it, and they don’t reset.

Note: Remove iCloud from iPhone 7 before factory reset because you need the credentials to set up iPhone 7and if you don’t have it, then you are doomed.

How does it work?

Allow us to show you step-by-step on how to reset your iPhone 7 smartphone.

Step 1: Open the menu and go to settings of your iPhone.

How To Reset Iphone 7

Step 2: Now, scroll down until you find “general” and you will find more options in the general options.

How to restart iphon

Step 3: Now, scroll down until you find an option “reset.” It is at the bottom on all latest iOS firmware.

restart iphon 7

Step 4: Now, tap on the “reset” option to proceed.

Iphon 7 reset

Step 5: There are many options on an iPhone reset tab, but we want to reset the entire device, and set up as a new device. You have to select the second one “erase all content and setting.”

How To Restart iPhone & Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC ? 7

Step 6: Now, a small notification will pop-up at the bottom asking you to confirm the changes. You have to tap on the “erase phone.”

Restart Iphon 7 with easy step

Step 7: The iPhone 7 will begin to work on resetting the data, and it will take one minute to ten minutes to complete the entire process. Be patient and do not try to click on buttons till the “HELLO” screen shows up on your screen.

easy steps to restart Iphon 7

Step 8: In the next few minutes, the smartphone will complete resetting, and you have to set up like any other phone.

Now, remember, resetting won’t change any default settings like your network. If you’re under the contract with AT&T, then the contract link won’t break. Resetting will only help you when you no longer need the device to sell it or fix software issues caused by settings.


Apple has made many difficult decisions in the past, and they have removed the 3.5mm jack, and they have called that Bluetooth is next generation. It isn’t a revolutionary technology because Airports are expensive and they are not worth the price. iPhone X is extremely expensive for a phone, and I don’t think it’s worth to buy because many Android phones are coming at half of the price and they perform well. Apple should come with another bang, or they might go down into history like Nokia.